Berlin; The Kreuzberg Diaries

4 a.m. at a guess, but who knows. Sleep has been foregone for at least the night previous to this, causing the correlation and chronology of events to blur. At this stage, knowing for sure would only be detrimental anyway. Having just politely declined the advances of a chap who wanted to do the naughtiest … Continue reading Berlin; The Kreuzberg Diaries

Cape Town; A Hit & Stay Incident

It’s that underwater moment before something serious happens. Someone’s pulled a weapon, you’re about to declare your long held feelings the person opposite or the doctor’s about to tell you the results. In this case, I’m in a car that’s definitely going to hit someone. Time is elastic, the inevitability weightless. It feels like a … Continue reading Cape Town; A Hit & Stay Incident

AfrikaBurn; A Debut To Remember

I have marched around the binnekring surrounded by hundreds of topless women in the Critical Tits parade as a burlesque dancer wearing a see-through, sequined robe of gold conducts proceedings from the mast-top of a mobile pirate ship the size of a small aircraft, which is blasting music through amplifiers only just smaller than supermarket … Continue reading AfrikaBurn; A Debut To Remember

MDMA versus Meditation; A Myanmese Mediation

In the monastery where Otto has spent the last two months prior to the trek, 4 a.m. is morning. Dawn is yet to break, and yet he is awake, sweeping dust from the stone floors, although not entirely awake due to the meditative state he performs in. Meditation comprises twenty hours a day here. This … Continue reading MDMA versus Meditation; A Myanmese Mediation

Hitchhiking in Taiwan; If Dudley Spoke the Queen’s

Dudley overtakes the lorry with relish, scything through the thinnest of gaps. In the back of the battered people-carrier, caged pigeons sing uselessly defiant prisoner songs with panicked haste, though our human interpretation is merely a cacophony of squawking. In the footwells, an accumulation of snacks scramble from left to right, a wealth of dubious … Continue reading Hitchhiking in Taiwan; If Dudley Spoke the Queen’s

Revolving Doors & Paramours / Part Two

Link to Part One Most of my romantic life is comprised of heartache over my own shortcomings; contriving situations whereby a girl who loves me is pushed away. I hide from them, leave them alone in the relationship, and only later come to comprehend how much I care. At this point, I find myself surprised … Continue reading Revolving Doors & Paramours / Part Two

Revolving Doors & Paramours / Part One

“The last light is a great time for a first kiss,” I say, surprised by how deliberate my gaze is. The Philippine sunset provides a lazy contrast to the iridescent revelry on the boat we’re sitting at the side of, a faded pink, purple and orange concoction, the sporadic grey clouds like plumes of smoke … Continue reading Revolving Doors & Paramours / Part One