And Launch

The get up, the get gone, the see you later. Depending on the exact time you read this, I will likely be blinking into sterile airport terminal lights, desperately running around trying to find my misplaced passport before boarding or trying to swallow my fury at the person sat ahead of me on the plane who has just cranked their seat back all the way, crushed knees be damned.

Either way, I will be trying and failing to answer the question: “Why Armenia?”

The answers lie ahead.

Anticipating wild indifference towards detailed accounts of my escapades, I’ll be throwing down occasional blogs out of spite towards the world, and specifically, you, dear reader. I’m sure you’re all thrilled.

What follows is likely to be a mixture of the idiotic and pretentious. With luck, a few will land in the space between.

The wit will be rehearsed, the anarchy will be organised, the irreverence carefully selected.

A link to the old Central/South America blog is below:

Let’s hope whatever I come up with this time is a little more advanced.

Steady. Straight. True.


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