Revolving Doors & Paramours / Part Two

Link to Part One Most of my romantic life is comprised of heartache over my own shortcomings; contriving situations whereby a girl who loves me is pushed away. I hide from them, leave them alone in the relationship, and only later come to comprehend how much I care. At this point, I find myself surprised … Continue reading Revolving Doors & Paramours / Part Two

Revolving Doors & Paramours / Part One

“The last light is a great time for a first kiss,” I say, surprised by how deliberate my gaze is. The Philippine sunset provides a lazy contrast to the iridescent revelry on the boat we’re sitting at the side of, a faded pink, purple and orange concoction, the sporadic grey clouds like plumes of smoke … Continue reading Revolving Doors & Paramours / Part One

The Philippines; Duterte’s War on Drugs

  She says she could smell the corpse before she could see it. Upon rounding the next corner in the Pasay district of Manila, her sense of sight confirmed the lingering, rotting smell. Three bodies, the pool of claret around them long dried out, almost as dark as the tarmac. Over their faces, stickers covered … Continue reading The Philippines; Duterte’s War on Drugs