AfrikaBurn; A Debut To Remember

I have marched around the binnekring surrounded by hundreds of topless women in the Critical Tits parade as a burlesque dancer wearing a see-through, sequined robe of gold conducts proceedings from the mast-top of a mobile pirate ship the size of a small aircraft, which is blasting music through amplifiers only just smaller than supermarket … Continue reading AfrikaBurn; A Debut To Remember

The Session Will Find You / Part Two

The final straw of Arab Jerry Seinfeld’s behaviour breaks the camel’s resistance. The camel’s back breaks, legs buckling and folding spastically beneath it. Only you are the camel, and rather than your back breaking, you are strangling a Saudi Prince over a bar in Tbilisi. Simultaneously, yet through space, time, crumbling continuums, misshapen magnitudes and … Continue reading The Session Will Find You / Part Two